Microsoft Word Tips And Tricks 2021

Microsoft Word Tips And Tricks 2021

Microsoft Word Tips And Tricks 2021

Most of us work on Microsoft Word, out of which there will be many ways that will make our work easier. There are many such tips and tricks, by which you will be able to do your work faster.

Microsoft Word Tips And Tricks 2021

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Here are some easy Microsoft Word tips and tricks that you must know:

Microsoft Word Tips And Tricks, 2021

1. CTRL Key Shortcuts

To go right one word at a time.— Hold CTRL and press Right Arrow 

To go left, one word at a time.—Hold CTRL and press the Left Arrow

To delete a whole word at a time.—Hold CTRL and Backspace

Highlight one word at a time.—CTRL + SHIFT + Right Arrow 

To the end of the line.—CTRL + END to move cursor

The beginning of the line.—CTRL + HOME to move cursor to

To move up one page.—CTRL + Page Up

To move down one page.—CTRL + Page Down

To move cursor up one paragraph at a time.—CTRL + UP Arrow

To move cursor down one paragraph at a time.—CTRL + Down Arrow

2. Copy, paste, and cut with shortcuts keys.

—Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste, and Ctrl + X to cut

3. Delete entire words at a time.

—Backspace to eliminate words or entire sentences, press Ctrl+Backspace 

4. Use Smart Lookup to search the Internet.

Anytime you highlight a word or phrase and right-click it, you’ll see “Smart Lookup,” which serves as a quick shortcut to browse the web — without slowing down to open a separate browser window.

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5. Remove unwanted formatting.

press Ctrl + Space or click the Clear All Formatting button (in newer versions, an eraser on an A on the Home tab)

6. Use multiple clicks.

Double-click over a word to highlight it, or triple-click to highlight an entire sentence or section.

7. Insert links into a document.

Adding web links to a document — Press Ctrl+K to bring up a box. Type Ctrl+V+OK to paste in the URL.

8. Find any word you want quickly and easily.

The Find command, click Ctrl + F 

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9. Change capitalization.

Highlight the text in question. In the Home tab, find the “A a” button, then choose the capitalization option you need. Or, select your text and hit Shift+F3 to toggle the case.

10. Customize AutoCorrect.

Open File, Options, Proofing. Click AutoCorrect Options. Now you can create your own auto-replace rules for text.

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