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CSC Pay Mobile App Download


CSC Pay Mobile App Download: If you are a CSC VLE Or is the Common Service Center operator! So there is great news for all of you that now CSC SPV, a Common Service Center organization working with the Government of India, has created its own CSC Pay Payment Qr Code App on the lines of Google Pay, Phone Pay, Amazon Pay, Paytm etc. Launched Through which CSC VLE to take online payment from any customer visiting its Common Service Center or people ordering products from CSC E Store. You will be able to get your Cash On Delivery Payment Direct in your Bank Account/CSC Pay Wallet through CSC Pay QR Code! Along with this, CSC pay Cash Back and Rewards will also be given to the people who transact with CSC Pay and those who receive the balance.

CSC Pay Mobile App Download

But after its success, by making this QR Code aware of all the shopkeepers present in the village city of VLE, making their CSC pay account and applying CSC pay sticker on their shop, payment can be made on the basis of per Qr Code! Which can be a golden opportunity for CSC VLE to get a huge work margin.

How CSC pay Will Work

CSC Pay Mobile App Download: CSC Pay As you must have seen stickers of Google Pay, Bharat Qr, Amazon pay, Phone Pay etc. on the shops near you By scanning which any customer uses his phone pay, Google Pay, Amazon pay etc. whatever app instead of paying cash for the goods purchased to that shopkeeper Through that, the shop pays the doorman, Which is due to the QR code on the shop being linked to his bank account! The money sent gets directly into his bank account! Similarly, through CSC Pay, CSC VLE / Digital cadets or shopkeepers by giving the facility to their customers to pay money directly into the account! Receive money directly into your bank account.


  • Easier to do with digital transactions
  • account of each transaction
  • No hassle of going to the bank to deposit cash
  • Freedom from the problem of mutilated notes and fake notes
  • Rewards And Cashback On Every Transaction

Friends, as you all know that by putting your team in CSC pay, Amazon pay, Google Pay, putting your team in a big city or village neighborhood, shop doors and office people are motivated to make payment transactions digital. Is, And a special QR code is applied to his bank account at his shop! Due to which any customer can get payment from any payment app directly in his account. And in the beginning, it will be given in the form of CSC pay trial to CSC VLE / Digital Cadets / Operators etc.

Another feature of CSC Pay QR Code is that you are the most popular Payment App Like Google Pay, Phone Pay, Bhim, Amazon Pay, Paytm etc. All the payment apps are there Through them also you can do money transaction and your transaction with CSC pay Qr Code.


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